Best Wood Designs Factory Furniture has as successfully established itself as one of the pioneers in the manufacturing of Home Furniture, Office Furniture, Kitchen Cabinets, Sofa's, Dining Tables & Chairs and custom made furniture as per any project requirement. Under its main manufacturing plant located in the AL Quoz Industrial Area in Dubai.

Best Wood Designs Factory has been continuously upgrading its production facilities and investing in specialized furniture machineries mainly imported from Germany. It has also introduced automation in its production process to improve production efficiency. It enhances its competitiveness by offering a broad range of Furniture that creates functional and stimulating environment. The focus of its design and development works is to optimize space utilization with due consideration given for the comfort to its users.

R&D efforts are also invested in areas of production technology to ensure continuous improvement in material utilization, production efficiency, products quality and safety standards. In products development, the R&D team works closely with the marketing personnel and client representative to translate customers and users need into new products. Strong market orientation and continuous emphasize on creativity and innovation also means constant challenging of the industry norm and standards by the introduction of new defining lines of furniture.

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